Making Money in Second Life

On second life money is call Linden Dollars. The youtube video I watched explained in words (not walking you through all the steps visually). She explains to go to a site called METARL, this is a site that offers free money/ credits. You must sign up for METARL and either advertise or refer for them; this is one of the ways of making money. When you sign up you will earn points. You can then cash in you Metapoints for money/credits on games, this will make it more fun for you! When you sign up she asked that you use the url: When you sign up you will get 10 mp’s which stands for Meta points. You can also make alerts or video advertisement on their site. Be sure to put your referral url in and when people use your referral url link they can get free MP! When you sign up, you get the MP and then you can cash them in for SL money (Second life money)



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Here are two of the videos I found about building things in Second Life. The video on the left relies on objects that have already been built and are available free to whoever wants them. The free objects, such as the house in this video, can be modified to create the end product you desire. The creator of the video mentions that this method is much simpler and takes less time then it would to build each piece of the house and link them together. He does not mention that you can sell your finished product to others on Second Life. For something as large as a house, you would probably need to purchase some land to set it on. This is also true for anyone who might buy the house you build.

The other video demonstrates how an object can be created without using an already existing object. In this video, the person creates a bar stool. I would think that you could create any type of furniture or vehicle in a similar manner, even if this involved linking several shapes together. These smaller objects could probably be purchased by other people for their use in Second Life. All it would cost you is time, and you might earn plenty of Lindens that could eventually be converted into real money.



I found a video on Youtube called Ohio University Second Life Campus that was very interesting. Ohio University uses Second Life as an opportunity to take actual courses through the internet and Second Life. They have recreated the Ohio University campus to replicate the real thing, and have set up classrooms where you can sit and watch a video of the professor giving a lecture with your classmates around you. They’ve actually created virtual museums on their Second Life campus, and use these in their lesson plans. I don’t know if I would utilize this opportunity if I attended Ohio University, as I benefit the most from visual learning. It almost seems a little creepy to me, that there would be other avatars in the classroom with you!



I chose the video BASICS: Friendships, Second Life Video Tutorial. This video was a step by step tutorial on how to add friends in second life. The creator of the video is Torley in his video he explains the process of how to make friends in second life. There a few different ways you can accomplish this task. The first option is if the person you would like to become friends with is standing right next to you all you have to do is right click on the chosen person and select add a friend. The video then shows you what it would look like on your friends screen and it says this person would like to be your friend and gives your friend the option to accept or decline the request. If you would like to add a remote friend you can use the search option and type in their name. When the persons profile comes up you then click on it and click add as a friend. To show all your friends click on the contacts tab. This video deals with ecommerce because it deals with the program second life which a type of social is networking because you can use it to communicate and share information with others.



Arriving at YouTube‘s website I searched second life tutorial. Navigating through the ones that did not look to be of any use I came across one titled “Second Life Tutorial: Beginner Guide-Create Account & Get Started in Second Life.” At this point in time a beginner’s guide for Second Life is sounding pretty good. The first couple of minutes are getting showing you how to set up an account and receive a username. Half-way through this ten minute tutorial we log in under our username. It then states the nine basic skills you need to know in order to use second life functionally. Walking is the first and most basic step, and then comes flying and the tricky part about flying is landing- you pretty much need to hit the ground walking. Using the camera view, you will be able to direct where your avatar looks. You can you use the search tool to find a location for educational purposes or to teleport there, I found that kind of handy. For a newbie, like me, this second life this video will be very beneficial.



After I navigated to youtube and searched “how to make money in second life” I clicked on the first video. In the first video it was a woman showing and telling about the game zyngo, where you can make a lot of money easy and quick. To me I didn’t really understand how to play the game. She showed her avatar playing the game zyngo but I still didn’t really get a good enough explanation to be able to play it. She just went on to say you can make 5,000 Linden which is equivalent to $20. It did look pretty easy because within a few minutes of playing zyngo she managed to get $20. I searched and looked at other ways you can get money and I found through buying and selling land, creating and selling products, participating in referral programs, hosting and performing at events, filling out surveys, and wining prizes are all ways you money in Second Life.


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I went to you tube and searched how to make money on second life. I watch a few videos and I finally came to one that takes you step by step on a site that is called Earn2life. The guy that made the video has 3 videos taking you step by step on how to create the sight and how it works. People can offer you stuff and you can buy it or make money by selling stuff. I am still not completely clear on how it works but if I was going to try and make money off of second life I think this would be the best way to do it after watching the videos. Here is a link to the first video the guy posted.

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educational uses of second life. I found this video very interesting. Users are able to watch the reenactment of Shakespeare’s classical plays or act in them themselves dressed up in uniform fit for the part. There are scavenger hunts that give you information pertaining to your field of study as you locate your items. Users of second life can explore or take guided tours of replicas of famous buildings in other countries without leaving their house. They can feel what it is like to walk the halls of the sixteenth chapel. Users can co-create 3D objects or even feel what it is like to walk inside of a van gough painting; something that I thought would never happen. Collaboration is possible using second life and is said to be better than using just blogs alone. Teachers can use a virtual classroom in second life to teach their second life students. What a great idea.


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I’ll summarize 2 different videos, and the first was “Build Fast in Second Life With Free Stuff.” I was surprised that the author was using free stuff to build the house, and I liked that he showed how they were obtained, and that you could read the screen when he talked through the process.
The commands he used were control L, shift control L , and shift click drag to build both the house and the weather facility for the house. Then once the basic structure was built, duplication was used to easily and quickly build the complete structure. I liked the video because video quality was excellent, and that it actually did what it was advertized to do in an excellent manner.

“Creating Simple Cars in Second Life,” is the second video I’ll write about, and I’ll also embed its link. This video showed how to create a car, which was essentially a wagon, by using a root prim, attaching script to the base or seat, and creating and attaching wheels.
The script was downloaded software that was attached to the root prim or root primitive. The body was built and attached to the seat, and linked to the root prim. The selection order was important as was the direction or orientation of the element.
Then the wheels were created using cylinders made of glass and used for wheels. Next car sounds were attached to the script and it was ready to drive.
While the video content was excellent, you could not duplicate the process because the keystrokes were not shown. It would also be time consuming. I understand why people would pay money to have a car built for them, as it was complicated, and that is why e-commerce is growing in Second Life.
. Note, the author also has 2 books on scripting, and scripting recipes for common Second Life elements that are for sale on Amazon. Here is the video.



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The video I watched showed you how to make free money in second life from the money tree. Her video is of her and her avatar walking you through the steps necessary to get to the money tree. You must go in and teleport to Bravo Bravo. While there you enter in some data and open up the money tree. She shows you what a money tree looks like and where to look for the linden that is hanging in the middle of the tree. She takes you through a bunch of steps where you teleport and data to enter in. This isn’t the correct way to make money in Second Life, but like any other game there are glitches and loopholes that can allow you to cheat. This seems like a popular way for people who are lazy playing this game to make money because there are multiple videos about this.


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A quick guide to naviagating around on Second Life!

I watched a video on how to use second life. It is a quick guide to getting around on second life. I chose this because second life is very confusing, complex and I don’t really understand it. This video starts off by showing different tools that you use to manage your avatar. This is a basic tutorial on how to operate in second life. It shows you how to run, read, walk, fly, teleport, and how to get around in general. It then goes into showing you how to interact with others and what certain groups they are in. Profiles are something that everyone has and it is good to have a profile, you are able to view everyone’s profile that you run into. This is a pretty general video on how to do the many things in second life. This woman brings you around and shows you different controls and how to get around just about everything in second life. Also, shows you how to leave your avatar or access your avatar. This video was very beneficial to me.


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Money really does grow on trees!

This video shows you how to find and access the famous Linden Trees. Here you can get free money (while your toon is still young).

EC is a topic that has been covere din several of my other courses at Northwood, and a roommate turned me on to SecondLife when I was going to school in Florida. As such, I haven't learned anything new regarding EC from this exposure. To try to say what I learned prior would take well more than the space provided here. In short, 2L can be a great way for marketers to reach out to the masses, while modelling new products for consumers in a virtual environment. This greatly reduces the costs of market research and prototyping. Of course, there is so much more to be said, but that would be an entire class… or three.


This guy made a website to sell things others made or got in second life. Then he advertised for it on YouTube. He also made a video showing how it all works and had that on YouTube. There is a lot of money to be made in second life and many people and companies are taking advantage of this. It seems you can sell anything in the game and the price of items are based upon what the maker believes what it is worth.

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I choose the video “How to Make Money in Second Life Part 1”. I liked the video because it was very basic and straight to the point. He showed the viewer how to find the site Earn2Life and how to sign up. You also are showed how to put the toolbar on your desktop and he also talks about referrals. If you are one of his referrals, he will be able to help you more. I believe he makes money off of every referral he has so it is a win win situation. This is only the first video of three so in order to get the full idea behind making money, you should watch all three. I am still on the fence about Second Life and you can actually make money in a virtual world. I would be interested if I knew someone that was currently making money on the site.

This video tells all about the history of Second Life. Second life uses controlled avatars to communicate between other people by instant messaging. In Second Life you can keep your own group of friends. It also, has its own currency called linden dollars. Companies can use Second Life to their advantage. One company that uses second life is Warner Brothers to stimulate real film instance. Second Life acts as a social network for people to connect with one another. In the future, the graphics will be very realistic and it will affect the film industry. Retailing in Second Life includes product placement and advertising. Phones are useless in Second Life but in the future, they could be used to conduct new products. Second Life has colleges such as Harvard conducting real debates. Someday many people will be able to learn many different languages because it will be taught on Second Life through robots. I think that Second Life is a great opportunity for people to communicate in a more realistic setting.



In the video I chose, she talks about a game that she plays in Second Life called Zyngo. She also owns a hall that is filled with Zyngo machines that other players can come to, but she doesn’t play her own machines for ethical reasons. Her machines are free to play but the payout isn’t that high. It’s a good place to start, just so that you can build up your linden dollars and be able to play the bigger machines. Once you start playing the bigger machines, she showed how easily you can make 40 dollars a day playing Zyngo. The game is pretty simple but you just have to keep at it. The machine she was playing at had a payout of 5000 linden dollars which is equal to 20 US dollars. So all she had to do was win twice and she already earned her 40 dollars for the day.


My favorite video on youtube about making money was called How to Earn Money in Secondlife Part 1. This guy explains that there is a separate website called Earn 2 life that is affiliated with Second Life and making money. You have a log in name and password, once you put that information in it will bring you to your main page where you can view your earnings summary. He also points out that if your refer someone to the sight that you both can earn money as well. You first have to sign up, which gives then gives you 3 steps you must follow to be able to earn money. Number 1 is to install a toolbar. Number 2 you just have to restart your browser and number 3 you can start using the service. You then click connect on your new toolbar. Once you have done that you fill out some information about yourself. Then an offer list will appear and you can choose which you believe that is best for you. Although some may not be available you can ignore them. Choose an offer, and then join the offer by just clicking yes. You will start earning money very quickly, this guy earned $695.00 in just 3 days.



"Introduction to Second Life (historical view) “ Second life is a virtual world where people can control their avatar. People can start groups and be friends with people. This is a great way to network and buy and sell the IPs that you buy. You can use real money to buy Lindens and Linux that is money in second life to buy things. Many companies are using Second Life to their advantage. Warner Brothers is promoting with Regina Spektor. As you click on things within Regina Spektor it takes you to their website. You can go into Reebok in Second Life and buy a pair of shoes for your Avatar. You can also buy a cell phone for your avatar. Retailing has really taken off in Second Life. It’s great for product placement and advertising for products and services.